Too little, too much

I haven’t written anything in here for a really long time. I try to blame busyness, but that’s just an excuse. Its not that I don’t have anything to say, it’s that, I have too much to say and I don’t know where to start and what to write.

Sometimes, I feel like, what’s the point in me writing all this? This isn’t an educational blog; people who actually read it don’t go away holding a precious piece of knowledge of some new found understanding of life. I told this to a friend, and he asked me what was the reason I wrote in the first place.

That got me thinking, why do I write? well before, it was because I was such an introvert, shy beyond words, so this was the place where my thoughts were voiced out (thus the title of the blog) and he had a really interesting angle on why I don’t write as much anymore, which was because now, I actually have a voice, and people who are willing (I hope) to listen to my nonsensical crap. So to all my friends, that means, you, you, you, and not forgetting of course, YOU, Thanks for listening! And I’ll try to write more. I still have a lot to say here…

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  • Aneesah

    That is true for me, too. I didn’t really have anybody around me that I could *really* talk to; like randomly, with useless pointless daily stuff, so every time I had something to say I’d “keep it for the blog”. Lately all the blog-stuffs have been channeled into facebook instead, or a certain friend of mine via YM. Hence, much less (and less detailed) blog entries… Because the story’s been told, and to re-tell a story isn’t as fulfilling as the first time.

    Yay for finding our voice. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    that’s true especially when word can’t be delivered by conversation. so all u need is writing and blog is one of the channels to deliver your thought.

    btw, im one of the frequent visitor of your blog…

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