Mapping directions

If only my sense of direction in life were as good as my sense of direction on the road Then I’d be all set. I was thinking about this yesterday on the way back from work in my (dad’s) car. On the road, I don’t mind getting lost, taking wrong turns, making those kinds of Read More


In 9th grade I was faced with a decision – what electives do I want to take? Out of the 8 subjects we were allowed 3 electives. I had already taken Japanese and art in my first semester, and for my second semester I was torn between IT and carpentry. I was really interested in Read More

A wandering mind

On the way to work today I glanced at my neighbour’s house where there was a long rainwater downpipe which was supposed to be attached to the gutter at the roof but this down pipe was not really fully attached and so I thought they should put a funnel there so the water flows down Read More

The consequence of sounds

My rhyme ain’t good just yet, My brain and tongue just met, And they ain’t friends, so far, My words don’t travel far, They tangle in my hair, And tend to go nowhere, They grow right back inside, Right past my brain and eyes Into my stomach juice Where they don’t serve much use, No Read More

What motivates you?

was at work today, and during my bouts of sleepiness I was caught thinking, why am I here? I got up, walked to the bathroom, and washed my face. Earlier, I had been feeling quite down, this project I’m working on is daunting and my co-worker who started it but passed it on to me Read More

Little Miss Muffet

ast night Muhsin, Ummi and I were having dinner. afterward Ummi was snacking on a plum and the subject of nursery rhymes came up. Personally, I LOVE nursery rhymes, and I still remember most of them Such pleasant memories. So I decided to quiz Muhsin. Suffice to say Ummi and I were left in stitches. Read More

The countdown

With every word uttered there are thousands left unsaid and every sentence whispered comes with hundreds put to bed The whisper by ~bramster Read More


eople can inspire you just by being themselves – I know that for a fact. As someone who likes people watching, observing, listening, inspiration comes to me in different forms but mostly from people and events around me. Recently I went to my high school for an iftar, and it brought back a lot of Read More

To strangers

Kindness Before you know what kindness really isyou must lose things,feel the future dissolve in a momentlike salt in a weakened broth.What you held in your hand,what you counted and carefully saved,all this must go so you knowhow desolate the landscape can bebetween the regions of kindness.How you ride and ridethinking the bus will never Read More

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