Malian Muslim footballer Frederic Kanoute, the striker of Spain’s Seville FC, has saved the only mosque in the southern Spanish city of Seville from closure. Kanoute has paid 510,860 euros (some $700,000) so that fellow Muslims in Seville would not find themselves without a mosque, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP) Thursday, December 13. The privately owned Read More

A thousand sunsets couldn’t save me now

its backthat lonelyemptyfeelingtheres a gaping yearningfor something you don’t knowwhat belongs therewhat is missing?why am i not happyhow can i fix myself?how do i accept what i amand be comfortablecontentin my own skin?how do i make this go awaywhy do i do this to myselfagainand againshut it all outwho cares what they are doingobsessingand ignoring Read More

Paris, je t’aime

this movie is one of the best i have ever seen. it just brings back so many happy happy memories and warm fuzzy feelings that only paris can ignite. i will have to go back there one day…thanks ilham for lending me the movie!!! Read More


its the day after the second day of being paid to stand around. its 11.42 pm, but earlier (and now i think) the weather is lovely. Lovely? At night?yup, it was! if only malaysian weather was like this all the time, cool and super windy. my neighbors wind chimes have not stopped chiming since i Read More


in my…… okay where i live, there’s these bunch of kids who are blonde. which is weird because we live in the malay-est kampung in the world. its funny to see some blonde kids running around, chatting to the old folks, helping their mom/gram at the stalls. and i don’t care what this computer says. Read More

this week in history

“Pick up your chin there’s a saint on the mendOn a burnt out estate born of bones that don’t bendComing back stealing hearts pulling throughBrand fire new” ‘Mary on the mend – Cherry Ghost’ ummm…well i just like that i am 20 now, old, yes i know. but nowadays 20 is still young, i Read More

2 down, 2 more to go……

Ahhh….exam time. don’t you just love the feeling? luxuriating in piles of papers and stacks of books, which caress your fingers ever so gently..Paper cut you say? Why, never! they wouldn’t dream of such a thing! the poor dears…all they want is for us to SUFFER!!!!!!!!ah yes. I.HATE.EXAMS.its not just the never ending studying, the Read More


on friday night i went to watch the semifinals for the Champions youth cup, Manchester United vs Flamengo. we got there 10 minutes into the match, on on our way to the seat we say this guy, a flamengo fan, screaming his heart out in pure unadultered passion (or it could have been madness, who’s Read More


Mood: Optimism Listening to: her in these lights Reading: was reading picoult Watching: some disney movie bout a cute toaster Eating: nasi ayam Drinking: water So Singapore….lets see. The bus was okay, comfortable enough although me seat was a wee bit cramped with all the bags since the overhead compartment was full. Funny thing was Read More

Mafia Wars

Here’s how it works. Everyone sits in a circle making sure you don’t touch your neighbors. There is a game master guess; he’s the one who will instruct everyone on what to do. So the circle represents a village, and everyone is a villager. First all the villagers must close their eyes. Then the games Read More

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