I’ve been eating alone a lot lately…its so sad…last night my lonely dinner consisted of 2 pau’ kari ayam and the other chocolate.Today in halaqah I got the “sis, are you a foreigner?” again. No, I’m malay, I reply. In my head though, yeah, I’m a foreigner, in my own country, and everywhere I go.on Read More

An Account of how my day went Wrong

Today actually started last night. I was working on my group assignment. Of course, my group members contributed, but in contribution, I mean, go to wikipedia and copy the information. A kid could’ve done that. Even though I wasn’t really done, I had to go to bed at 1, because tomorrow (today) I needed to Read More

when i have the laptop i can blog…

30th Jan 2008 What a day…this morning I woke up on time, but I still got out a bit late, so I practically ran to class. But when I got there there were only 2 people in the lecture hall. Weird. The lecturer wasn’t there but I thought that’s ok, he tends to come a Read More

Week El-Wacky

Wekala, just coz it goes with the title…and its also my history assignment our site analysis and client interview was due on friday. that meant a whole week of sleepless nights. but in the end we have to redo it. just when i thought i would be able to enjoy the weekends!!! so i had Read More

unrelated fragments

a man with a death wish whispers of some quiet conversation the betrayal clinging on, on, on spacing out in sewers haters. hating. hated are they sick of me? the un-friend Read More

i should come down this road more often…

so i was using the net, like always. and i felt like listening to i’m callin you by outlandish and then i went on a whirlwind of wikipedia, google, and youtune scouring them all for interviews etc etc. i get obsessive quite often. this morning it was mike rowe (of dirty jobs fame) then i Read More

warm ears and rollicking tummies

I’ve been very jumpy and nervous all week long, well last week since its monday. even today. i had to present my project and i wasn’t really prepared, i knew what i wanted to say but i didn’t get a chance to rehearse all of it in my head or arrange all the points into Read More

in, out and in again

what is itthat pulls us back ineven when we try to escape?it is not by our free will;it is them, again, as alwayspushing and pressuringwith no escape routeor is it youwho’s too cold to care? Read More


Malian Muslim footballer Frederic Kanoute, the striker of Spain’s Seville FC, has saved the only mosque in the southern Spanish city of Seville from closure. Kanoute has paid 510,860 euros (some $700,000) so that fellow Muslims in Seville would not find themselves without a mosque, reported Agence France-Presse (AFP) Thursday, December 13. The privately owned Read More

A thousand sunsets couldn’t save me now

its backthat lonelyemptyfeelingtheres a gaping yearningfor something you don’t knowwhat belongs therewhat is missing?why am i not happyhow can i fix myself?how do i accept what i amand be comfortablecontentin my own skin?how do i make this go awaywhy do i do this to myselfagainand againshut it all outwho cares what they are doingobsessingand ignoring Read More

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