The should be’s of life…

I should be cleaning up my room, and the house. Cats should be allowed in our household. Then I won’t have to spend hours staring out the window at my neighbor’s cute cats. People who play computer games loudly while other people are trying to study should be more considerate. My sister should be cooking Read More

The Hamzah house menu

my parents are away for umrah so its just us kids at home. so we’ve had to cook :O So far this is what we’ve had…(its mostly dinners since we have lunch on campus) Day 1 – omelette courtesy of Maryamok i was so lazy-tired and i had a midterm the next day. no one Read More

TAGGED – and apparently i’m doing the chicken dance :P

So I’ve been tagged by my sister, this should be interesting… Google FTW!!! Rule: Go to Google and search the phrase. Tag friends. Please use your REAL 1st name.Use the first thing that comes up that makes sense.(don’t forget to use the ” ” ) Q: Type in “[your name] needs” in the Google search:A: Read More

Role reversal

So in our household there is somewhat of an oddity at works. My brothers love to cook (ok, one of them loves to, the others like it more than I do), and I am particularly averse to standing anywhere near the kitchen stove. On the other hand, I am quite enamored with any kind of Read More


why kimi, why? i wouldn’t have minded (as much) if you just lost it on your own but to ruin poor sutil’s race…leaves me a lot of explaining to do…obviously tricky conditions and all, but still, sutil would’ve had his moment…better luck next time Read More

In a land far, far away…..

T watched the second installment of The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince caspian, today. it was ok..some parts were good, some ok, some…cliched, it was after all a disney movie. i was given the feeling it was meant to be an emotional journey for the characters, but the only part in which they really succeeded in Read More

3rd times a charm…

It’s Shakira’s birthday tomorrow so we all went out, me, Sumeyra, Hiba, Nada, and Shakira, to Sunway pyramid. the whole journey alone took an hour and a half – but we were on a mission. Today, we would go ice skating!!! YEA!!!! hehe last time i skated was when i was 7, my god how Read More

Damn you, Murphy!!!

As in, Murphy’s Law. let me tell you two stories 1. the other night, i was really thirsty so i went downstairs to get a bottle of water from the fridge. but when i opened the fridge, a cicak (small house gecko thing) scampered in and hid somewhere around the vegetable crisper box. now i Read More

the movie marathon-ing

So far in the holidays i have watched: The Spiderwick Chronicles – better than i expected from a nickelodeon movie The Jane Austen Book Club – hmmm….it was interesting i guess 27 Dresses – james marsden!! – what more can i say? Win a Date with Tad hamilton – topher!!! Becoming Jane – did not Read More

The changing of fickle minds

soooo port dickson bottomed out, because of certain and numerous complications. we ended up crashing ayesha’s house instead (kesian her brother, had to lock himself in his room for 2 days:P) but in the end, i think we all had a great time! ala didn’t know about her surprise party, she thought we were just Read More

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