I’ve been eating alone a lot lately…its so sad…last night my lonely dinner consisted of 2 pau’ kari ayam and the other chocolate.
Today in halaqah I got the “sis, are you a foreigner?” again. No, I’m malay, I reply. In my head though, yeah, I’m a foreigner, in my own country, and everywhere I go.
on the way back from halaqah, which ended at 10 p.m., a bird flew across the road (like, in the sky, but it was flying at tree level) the way it was flying was… different. so i actually crossed the street and stood under the tree it had perched in and stared at it, trying to figure out what bird it was. it definitely wasn’t a crow, it was too big. not a stork either, too small. i think it could’ve been an owl or an eagle. because it was so silent. and brownish. and it looked the right size. anyways, i must’ve looked possessed, standing under a huge tree and staring at it, unmoving, at 10.30 p.m..
I’m goin back on Saturday this week. i have a presentation on friday night. Unless someone is kind enough to pick me up Friday night. Next week is going to be horrible.

Think positive
Think positive

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  • Aneesah


    I guess we’re all foreigners, because we live in our own worlds… only overlapping once in a while with others’. I’ve been eating alone a lot, too, though I guess most of it are the complicated technicalities of not being blockmates with your friends or your known-since-6th-grade roommate graduating earlier than you, etc. I’ve taken the laptop (with a few good long articles/blog entries :P) as my makan pal. And/or music.

    Wish I could’ve seen the eagleowl. 🙂

  • shockresistant7

    hehe thanks for dropping by aneesah…my laptop (well, my moms) is to gargantuan to drag up and down. plus, what would i do with it besides listen to music i can’t hear coz everyone is noisy?

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