Imagine around 40 people all swarming your house all at once, all of a sudden. well, we did that 5 times yesterday! Once in Kajang, once in Putrajaya, twice in Klang, and finally in Shah Alam. It was Section 2's Raya Roadtrip, and what fun it was! no matter that we spent a whole lot Read More

Final Presentation day…

…went OK, but I'm still pretty wary. It's one of those things where you're wondering if its too good to be true, because surely its not? the visiting and very enthusiastic assessor liked my design and even more shockingly he said i could be a good designing architect. this after I'd been having serious thoughts Read More

A True Story

This happened yesterday on the 24th of September, 2008,at around 9.05 p.m. —– Twas a chilly, starless autumn night, Not a stirring person was in sight, When, out of the corner of my little eye, The strangest, most curious sight did I spy, A procession of five, all walking in line, It seemed as though Read More

Mafia Wars

Here’s how it works. Everyone sits in a circle making sure you don’t touch your neighbors. There is a game master guess; he’s the one who will instruct everyone on what to do. So the circle represents a village, and everyone is a villager. First all the villagers must close their eyes. Then the games Read More

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