Penang getaway

It’s been a while since our last family holiday; we’ve been so busy with getting back into the groove with two kids and because Shafiq works a lot of weekends it’s quite rare for us to get time off as a family. So we decided to take a weekend getaway. At first we didn’t know Read More


Part of my job involves copywriting – more specifically, coming up with stories to enrich our products and build connections between ourselves and our customers. Giving them something to vibe with, so to speak. Some of it gets used, a lot of it doesn’t make it past the planning board. I was asked recently how Read More


I made a dress for Hudaa the other day and despite the very wobbly and uneven seams, crooked pleats, and shoddy workmanship in general, I was so happy and proud of myself. It’s been a looooong time since I felt that way. A lot of people replied to my ig story post and it got Read More

The 4th trimester

  You know before I gave birth I always used to hear people say ‘selamat berpantang’. I never really understood why they said that. I assumed they meant something like happy holidays..boy was I wrong. Pantang or confinement was sort of horrible. Post delivery After giving birth I was allowed to rest for a short Read More

My labour story

My EDD was 3rd of February, but because of my gestational diabetes, if I hadn’t given birth by the 2nd, I’d have to be admitted for induced labor on the 2nd of fib. So the days were going by and I didn’t feel any signs of giving birth. We decided to go to the bird park Read More

My big Australian adventure

Its been more than a while since i last wrote in this dusty old blog, but this was worth breaking my silent spell for. Australia was the absolute best. I want to move there. Read More

Reflections pt1

Once in high school my classmate accidentally swallowed a pin, jarum peniti, while she was fixing her scarf. she was brought to the clinic and the news traveled trough our school. It was a very small school mind you, every grade only had one class and in each class was less than 20 students. so Read More

National Poetry Month

Last month April was National Poetry month in certain parts of the world and us kata.mata peeps decided to give it a go. The aim was to write one piece per day at least. I tried my bestest and came up just short at 23/30, which is alright I guess? Not that they are any Read More

Zombie and Architecture Superhero dreams

Okay this is going to be a short and possibly weird post about two dreams I had, one yesterday and one the day before. Let’s start with the zombie dream. (Please note that, according to my mom, my dreams never make any sense, or have any point. let’s begin) The scene unfolds where there are Read More

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