Showdown of Champions, KL 2008

As Shirley Bassey so aptly sang, “Where do I begin?” My birthday was on the 17th, but the 18th was what i was really excited about and looking forward to, so ignoring the big 21, here goes! Meet and Greet/Autograph session, KLCC foyer Yesterday went beyond all my expectations, which were, to begin with, already Read More


why kimi, why? i wouldn’t have minded (as much) if you just lost it on your own but to ruin poor sutil’s race…leaves me a lot of explaining to do…obviously tricky conditions and all, but still, sutil would’ve had his moment…better luck next time Read More

this week in history

“Pick up your chin there’s a saint on the mendOn a burnt out estate born of bones that don’t bendComing back stealing hearts pulling throughBrand fire new” ‘Mary on the mend – Cherry Ghost’ ummm…well i just like that i am 20 now, old, yes i know. but nowadays 20 is still young, i Read More


on friday night i went to watch the semifinals for the Champions youth cup, Manchester United vs Flamengo. we got there 10 minutes into the match, on on our way to the seat we say this guy, a flamengo fan, screaming his heart out in pure unadultered passion (or it could have been madness, who’s Read More