Butterfly week

The Holidays have started and I intend to make the most of them. This week has been filled with activities, going out and socializing and meeting people and going places and doing things. not my average week, but definitely enjoyable 😀 4-7 June – Pulau Perhentian Kecil more pics below 🙂 most perhentian pics from Read More


So the second semester of my B.Arch started today…and from the looks of it its going to be more packed than the last semester. Last semester’s exam results came out. the semester I felt that there was a real possibility that I’d fail every single subject. It’s always worst right before the exams. But after Read More

Holiday to do list

Ok I’m procrastinating again. My exams are not over yet but I already have a list of thing I want to/have to do this holiday 😀 I have a month. I’m sure i’m being over ambitious, but here it is, in no particular order: Sew something! because i’m a total absolute noob, probably something simple. like a Read More

Twenty Twelve

I had planned to write a recap of 2011, I already took down notes for January and February, and a little bit of march. But in the flurry of busyness surrounding the last few months at my job and the nonstop busy during my semester, it didn’t get done. You can read the half baked Read More

Welcome back to life

Or a semblance of one anyways. For a short period only. Woke up with a skip in my step and a song in my heart. Oh, and well rested but STARVING and THIRSTY. Amazingly did not eat a single thing the whole of yesterday. In fact my last meal was on Tuesday afternoon. Kuey teow Read More

The Final stretch

Went to watch IPAC yesterday night. Before that me and qil went to OU to watch Valentine’s Day haha. selamba je mcm xde kerja. Well we knew we had work. the plan was to wake up early, get some work in and catch the 12.30 screening or the movie. buuuut….we slept late, and woke up Read More

Lets take a breather…

Mid-semester break is finally here, not that there will be much holiday-ing going on. There are mountains of work to be done huhu… Let’s see…so this semester started a while back, and I really didn’t know what to expect. It is our final long semester (if we pass insha’Allah). New Year’s came and went, uneventfully Read More

Sit. Write. Run

Taking a short break from my working drawing assignment – don’t even know how to proceed with that. Finally saw the deans list pinned up behind the lift, and most of the 2nd year architecture students who were on it were in my section. Cool. This semester all those who were on it are in Read More

Week 1 – Not So Bad

Week one of My 2nd semester of my second year of university is fast coming to an end. So what have I gotten from it? Well, here goes. Firstly, the newbies this semester are non-existent, or much less conspicuous compared to before. Either that, or my eyesight is really beginning to fail me. That said, Read More

So this is what a credit card might look like

I’ve been testing out this service on squarespace.com, its a 14-day free trial (no credit card number required for the trial), at the end of which, I can either opt to continue, but if not, then all this will simply be deleted. Too bad – just when I start falling in love with the flexibility Read More

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