Car-karaoke + scatterbrained kinda day

Today while driving ABBA’s Chiquitita came on and i started singing along but ended up almost crying. like seriously. I think its such a touching song. And singing along to ABBA is always, always fun. then otw back i had a very scary panic attack because i couldnt find my parked car even though i was sure Read More

Splash n dash

Just a quickie post – Was researching about Jalan Masjid India and Chinatown and came across this travel blog, its quite funny reading a tourist’s view of KL. Here’s the link:My First Leap Totally unrelated though – a really fun link. It converts your bitmaps into vectorVector Magic Read More

unrelated fragments

a man with a death wish whispers of some quiet conversation the betrayal clinging on, on, on spacing out in sewers haters. hating. hated are they sick of me? the un-friend Read More