Butterfly week

The Holidays have started and I intend to make the most of them. This week has been filled with activities, going out and socializing and meeting people and going places and doing things. not my average week, but definitely enjoyable πŸ˜€ 4-7 June – Pulau Perhentian Kecil more pics below πŸ™‚ most perhentian pics from Read More


My sister getting married last September made me realize that I was always part of a Force, it was always me and my sis, the Hamzah sisters, part of the Hamzah Family. Of course her getting married kind of changed that and now I’m just lonely me. In our school, a lot of our friends Read More

Beginning of the end

*brushes aside cobwebs and dust* I suddenly feel like blogging again. I probably won’t but it’s just a feeling. It’s the final stretch of my Final Semester of my Final year in B. Arch, 3 more weeks till I have to submit my design thesis. I’m nowhere near done and I don’t know if I Read More


Got a message this morning from Lily who I met in 2010 while she was on holiday in Malaysia. She is a lively Parisian who has been travelling all around the world on her own, making friends along the way. We don’t talk often at all, but every so often she would drop me messages and they Read More

Holiday to do list

Ok I’m procrastinating again. My exams are not over yet but I already have a list of thing I want to/have to do this holiday πŸ˜€ I have a month. I’m sure i’m being over ambitious, but here it is, in no particular order: Sew something! because i’m a total absolute noob, probably something simple. like a Read More

Showdown of Champions, KL 2008

As Shirley Bassey so aptly sang, β€œWhere do I begin?” My birthday was on the 17th, but the 18th was what i was really excited about and looking forward to, so ignoring the big 21, here goes! Meet and Greet/Autograph session, KLCC foyer Yesterday went beyond all my expectations, which were, to begin with, already Read More

KL, raining

Went to the orchid garden as planned today, on the way there also stopped by the hibiscus garden. Place was nice, though not all the flowers were in bloom. Even though we were right in the middle of KL it felt like we were far, far away. After that we had a spontaneous moment and Read More


My friend’s sister’s husband is my brother’s teacher, which i just found put yesterday after tarawih.—My 3rd grade best friend’s grandmother used to stay in my grandmothers house in johor when she didn’t have anywhere to stay, kind of like an adopted family. I found that out when i was in third grade when I Read More

6 degrees

My social networking skills were called into play a few days ago – a friend asked me if I knew any service apartments and if I knew where to find a DJ since her friend wanted to throw a party.Service apartment? The only one I know is the Ascott where we stalked the Manchester United Read More

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