Beginning of the end

*brushes aside cobwebs and dust* I suddenly feel like blogging again. I probably won’t but it’s just a feeling. It’s the final stretch of my Final Semester of my Final year in B. Arch, 3 more weeks till I have to submit my design thesis. I’m nowhere near done and I don’t know if I Read More


Every heart beat sends a million knives through my veinsEvery thought sends a sharp stab through my heartEvery vision releases a waterfall of tearsEvery word Every Beautiful Word Kills me words_by_retrodiva3 Read More


So the second semester of my B.Arch started today…and from the looks of it its going to be more packed than the last semester. Last semester’s exam results came out. the semester I felt that there was a real possibility that I’d fail every single subject. It’s always worst right before the exams. But after Read More

Finding Peace

I was listening to the radio one day during a rather funny incident (a story for another time) and they were interviewing Nora. She was talking about her…transformation? and journey to becoming a better Muslim. And something she said struck me. It was something like, “Orang selalu fikir, kalau ber-hijab susah nak cari makan sebagai Read More

Twenty Twelve

I had planned to write a recap of 2011, I already took down notes for January and February, and a little bit of march. But in the flurry of busyness surrounding the last few months at my job and the nonstop busy during my semester, it didn’t get done. You can read the half baked Read More

The mysterious land of tears

written on the 25th of June 2011 Yesterday night i watched Pheobe in wonderland, thinking it was going to be a happy and whimsical movie. It wasnt. not to say it wasn’t good, but i cried a lot watching it. A lot of emotion in that one, or stuff that i could somehow relate to. Read More

Promise you’ll be careful with my heart

It’s the little thingsThey pulled me in and I’m defencelessI try to ignore like I’ve done before but it’s just useless I’ve made up my mind that I’m gonna let you inAnd I’m not afraid but I have to say This is gonna hurt if it ever endsBut somehow you out shattered my defenceThis is Read More