Culinary adventures

Eesa turned 1 last month, and for some reason he hasn’t been eating as much. ┬áHe used to be able to eat a whole bowl of oats for breakfast, and a full lunch and dinner meals, with snacks in between. but he caught a bad bout of coughing and ever since that he has been Read More

Week 31

So the doctor told me I have gestational diabetes. I cried walking out of the clinic. It really sucks feeling like you couldn’t provide the best for your baby… I’ve never been the kind of person to diet. Besides going for less sugar, less oil, and less salt (because thats what I’m used to), I Read More

Week 19

Shafiq flew off to Bromo this morning for a 4 day bro-trip. After sending him to the KTM station I went back home and decided to make myself breakfast. Boiled the water for some oats and while trying to reach something in the overhead cupboard my thigh accidentally hit the boiling kettle. Ouch. Now i Read More